Sustainable Carbon-Free Magnesium Power Association

    The magnesium recycling society proposed by Takashi Yabe, Professor Emeritus of Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2005 has been featured in many media. Notable is the October 2009 TIME magazine, which was reported at the head of the Scientist and Inventor category of environmental heroes.

    After that, Professor Yabe devoted himself to the development of solar-pumped lasers, seawater desalination equipment, laser refining, magnesium-driven engines, and magnesium fuel cells, which are the basis of this recycling society, and obtained numerous patents.

    In 2020, all the technologies were finally completed, and the rest was to take a step toward practical use. It was completed as a technology that solves 13 of the 17 SDGs items such as carbon-free power generation, securing water resources, and environmental-friendly energy required for SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). It is the only promising technology for Japan's policy to achieve carbon-free society in 2030. In order to promote this original system originating in Japan throughout Japan within 10 years, we will establish a head office corporation, foster an industry that realizes a magnesium recycling society, and support cooperation between companies. Japan aims to build the world's first carbon-free society.


Sustainable Carbon-Free Magnesium Power Association-Overview

Founding Members

Chair      Takashi Yabe,  Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Vice Chair 




Professor Khalid A Alfarhan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

     Formerly Saudi Arabia Cultural Attaché in Japan

     Formerly President of Saudi Chemical Society

     Formerly Professor of Chemistry at King Saud University

Yoshimasa Kamada、Representative Director

​  Kamada Construction Co., Ltd

Chin-Chou CHU
     Professor,  Institute of Applied Mechanics ,  National Taiwan University

Dr.Shigeo Ohyama    IRIS OHYAMA INC.

     Senior Executive Director

Kuninobu Yokota, 

     M.D. Guest Professor, The Jikei University School of Medicine

Hiroshi Suenaga, CEO Daylight energy Inc.

Alexandros L. Kontogouris 

     CEO,  NAMCO S.A.   

     Automobile Company - Greece EU

Naveen Aggarwal   

     General Manager, Rissala Electric Motors (P) Ltd. , India

Choijil Baasandash

    Professor and Associate Dean of Research, Graduate School of Business.

    Mongolian University of Science and Technology

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Salah Mahmoud 

    Professor of Renewable Energy and Environment, Minia University, Egypt

    Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering

    The University of Technology and Applied Sciences. Suhar branch, Oman

Wang Huai Dong, M.D. Ph.D, CEO Japan Dynamics Co.Ltd.

Justice Diamond P Oti,  Founder Dia-Kadelo EV LTD, Nigeria
Vincent Ivoke,   Co founder Dia-Kadelo EV LTD, Nigeria
Philip Onyekaba Chukwuma,  GM Financial Controller , Dia-Kadelo EV LTD, Nigeria

Ken Ichiryu, Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University of Technology

                 Guest Professor, Jilin University China

Takayuki Aoki, Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Xiao Feng,  Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Kenji Takizawa, Professor, Waseda University

Takashi Nakamura, Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Yoichi Ogata, Associate Professor, Hiroshima University

Yoshihiro Makino,  CEO SBK Solution Co.,Ltd

Planting Trees


Information sharing between members

Certification of related products (SCFMPA certification mark)

Holding regular seminars

Establish subcommittees for each technology to promote  technological development

Measures regarding how to use patents

Coordination of support methods between companies

Information sharing of new products

Product sales priority

Formulation and certification of parts manufacturing companies

Formulation and certification of sales companies

Support for overseas expansion

Introduction of public support

and so on, updated from time to time

History of Magnesium Recycling Society


Mg Battery、Power Generator


Laser Refinement of Mg


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